"I worked with Frank for several years at the FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office while he was in Bismarck. Frank’s investigative skills, coupled with his legendary tenacity, were widely respected within the FBI. His international lottery scam case involving fraudsters from Jamaica presented not only investigative challenges but logistical issues which only an agent of Frank’s caliber could navigate. He is a formidable investigator and a person of impeccable ethics. I would HIGHLY recommend Frank for anyone in need of investigative services."

"Frank’s bull-dog determination to chase down any and all leads led to a highly successful prosecution on which we teamed together. I was consistently impressed with Frank’s investigative work ethic and perseverance. One of the best federal agents with whom I ever had the pleasure of working."

"Frank is an amazing investigator with extreme attention to detail and thoroughness."

"Frank is an aggressive and most importantly a persistent investigator. Using his skills as an FBI agent and former prosecutor he successfully brought down a multi-million dollar Jamaican Lottery Scam. Frank was not deterred by the challenge of an international web of subjects who thought they were out of reach of US Law Enforcement. Frank saw that justice was done for numerous vulnerable victims of this fraud scheme. Frank would be an addition to anyone's investigative team."

"Having worked with Mr. Gasper as a fellow Marine Office, I can give him and his service my strongest recommendation. With his extensive 25+ years of experience in the FBI as an investigator and lawyer along with his dedication and devotion to his craft, Mr. Gasper will provide the best service available. I can personally vouch for his dedication and attention to details while working with him in the Marine Corps for many years, as he always stood out as an individual who accomplished his mission and got the job done. His record as an FBI agent and lawyer speaks for itself. If ever you need a Private Investigator, Mr. Gasper is the one who will get it done."